About Us:

             In America, it is extremely common now to have tattoos on one's body. However finding the right tattoo can be a long and arduous task that requires a lot of research and patience. Here at DragonFly3 Inc. we offer one of the world’s greatest collections of cool and exotic tattoos to help you make the right choice. We offer a vast array of tattoos such as Celtic, tribal, text, creatures, animals, symbols, portraits, flowers, religious symbols and anything else you can think of. If you do not see anything that you like, we will customize or create something specifically for you. All our designs are tattooable so we do not sell anything that we could not tattoo on you and we will let you know. In addition, we specialize in whole body tattoos so anywhere you want it, we will put it. Also if you are in need of cosmetic tattoos we provide services such as eye brows, eye liner, lip liner, and beauty marks. We also do body piercings and carry a large selection of body jewelry. Regarding safety and sanitation, we do not put our customers at risk because we use nothing but disposable, disinfected, and sterilized equipment to maintain a safe and healthy environment. So browse through our selection of over 20,000 designs created by our licensed and art graduated male and female tattoo artists. Our staff has dedicated their lives to art and providing our customers with the utmost satisfaction. So why would you choose DragonFly3 Inc. over anywhere else? We look forward to providing you with the perfect tattoo with the highest quality designs and top notch customer service.

Thank you, DragonFly3 Inc.